Brittney De Mik

October 21, 2015

We would like to introduce you to Brittney! What do you get when you have incredible leadership skills, an extreme talent for photography and one HECK of a moose impression? The answer is simple... We give to you the pride and joy of Evergreen Park, Illinois. Thank you, Brittney..for being you! #MP2Day


DeMarco Fomby

October 15, 2015

Motivational speakers unite!! We would like to introduce you to an incredible role model and individual. DeMarco Fomby is a professional speaker who is bringing smiles to young adults across the nation. We had the pleasure of meeting DeMarco a few years ago and could not wait to celebrate all of his accomplishments. Please join us as we hear the story of the amazing DeMarco Fomby! Make them remember you! #MTRU #MP2Day


Katherine Quigley

October 6, 2015

We would like to introduce you to the one and only Katherine Quigley of George Mason University. She is beaming with positivity and happiness! Sit back, relax, and listen to the pride and joy of "SADD Nation." Positivity personified! #MP2Day


Carlos Vela

October 1, 2015

It was an honor to speak with Carlos Vela of Ingleside,Texas! A young gentleman who demonstrates the true meaning of hard work, community service, and lifelong learning! Carlos, YOU ROCK! #MP2Day


Bridget Hunkins

September 23, 2015

M&P had the absolute pleasure of speaking with NCADA's Bridget Hunkins. Sit back, relax, and hear the story of Matt and Phil meeting Bridget this past summer. From heckling, to ugly sweaters, to absolutely obnoxious encounters, Bridget makes sure to keep these boys in line! She is a true role model for people of all ages! We give to you... Missouri's own.... Bridget Hunkins! #MP2Day


Stephen from TTI!

September 17, 2015

M&P conduct their first ever Google Hangouts Podcast with Stephen Thomas of the Tennessee Teen Institute! Style, professionalism...and a whole lotta humor! #MP2Day


Welcome to the new “Hangout!”

September 10, 2015

M&P are back with a new podcast, new format, but unfortunately, same annoying voices! It's time! #MP2Day


The Lost Tapes Part 1

April 25, 2015

M&P's first ever "Lost Tapes" Collection is officially released. In this podcast, the boys are LIVE from Midway Airport. Bear hugs, waffle makers, and in-laws are all on the agenda!


Episode 3: Season 2. Hello, Elmwood Park High School!

February 24, 2015

M&P kick back and reflect on a memorable D140 Presentation. Next up, the boys have a message to send to Elmwood Park High School! It's time, babies! It's time! Sit back and enjoy the #audioawkwardness 


Episode 2, Season 2: It’s Baby Time! Matt and Papa Phil introduce themselves to #Soundcloud

February 11, 2015

M&P are back in the audio scene! We hear about Baby Autumn's entrance into the world, Phil's cake obsession and Matt has a little fun with "Baby: True or False." Sit back and relax as the boys enter the world of #Soundcloud! #MP2Day